Eco>Absorb® MAGNUM

Acid / Base Neutralizing Absorbent

Nature’s Ideal Spill Management Solution.

Eco Absorb MAGNUM Formula come in 2 Liter Bags or 7 Quart Bags, 5 Quart Bottles, 1 Cubic Foot Bag & 50 Gallon Drums.

This Eco>Absorb® formula is specially formulated to detect, neutralize and instantly absorb both acids and bases with only one product. Equipped with pH color indicators that clearly identify acids and bases, the product turns a natural beige to indicate neutrality.

Eco>Absorb® Acid / Base Neutralizer is all you need to neutralize and absorb acid & base chemical spills.

Eco>Absorb® Acid/Base Neutralizer is ideal for:

Available in the following configurations:
5 Quart Bottle, 4.5 Gallon Bucket,
& 50 Gallon Drums.
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