Eco>Absorb® Coconut Formula

Nature’s Ideal Spill Management Solution.

Eco Absorb Coconut Formula come in 2 Liter Bags or 7 Quart Bags, 5 Quart Bottles, 1 Cubic Foot Bag & 50 Gallon Drums.

A special blend of organic and inorganic ingredients, Eco>Absorb® Coconut Formula is made from the most absorbent materials available in nature. This highly effective, easy to use super absorbent quickly responds to spills of all kinds and can safely be used indoors or out. All spills, including hazardous materials, are absorbed quickly leaving no residue behind.

Eco>Absorb® Super Absorbent is far more effective & less expensive than clay alternatives.

Eco>Absorb® Coconut Formula is ideal for:

Available in the following configurations:
5 Quart Bottle, 4.5 Gallon Bucket,
& 50 Gallon Drums.
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